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If you dare, the following books can be found in various bookstores and other places of questionable taste. Some of my earlier titles have gone out of print (much to the delight of purveyors of intellectual pursuit), but if you ask nicely I may be able to dredge up a copy or two. Otherwise, just badger your favorite local store until they relent and find you one.

New Every Day: Navigating Alzheimer's With Grace and Compassion

A friend on the journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's. It breaks your heart, disrupts your plans, and consumes enormous amounts of time and energy. When someone you love has Alzheimer's, you need more than just information on the disease--you need a break. You need a laugh. You need a friend by your side who knows exactly what you're facing.

Award-winning humorist Dave Meurer is that friend. New Every Day is packed with practical information--like where to look for financial help and how to get the DMV to take away the car keys so you don't take the heat for it--along with plenty of true stories from Meurer's own experiences navigating life with a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's. Here you will find both hard-earned wisdom and badly needed comic relief for your journey down this difficult road. With compassion born of experience, Meurer helps caregivers develop the ability to relax, adapt, and even laugh again.

"A heartfelt and helpful guide. This book takes some of the mystery out of this disease while giving hope, compassion, and a whole lot of grace to those on the front lines."--Martha Bolton, Emmy-nominated former staff writer for Bob Hope and author of over eighty books, including Josiah for President and The Home Game

"In a word, this book is fantastic! Dave has just the right balance of lighthearted humor when permissible, insight when needed, and valuable information throughout--all presented with charm and practicality. I loved it!"--Marilyn Meberg, author and speaker

"This book is like sitting down with a good friend, swapping stories, having a good cry, but also laughing together at some of your shared experiences. As a therapist, I highly recommend it. Laughter truly is good for the soul."--Timothy R. Holler, EdD, LPC-MHSP, cofounder, Sage Hill Counseling, Memphis, TN

Revell (2018)
ISBN: 9780800734756

Mistake it Like a Man

Real Men Don’t Get Embarrassed…We Merely Appear Sunburned

Ever had your doctor give you valuable diet and exercise advice, then gone out for a cheeseburger and fries to celebrate the fact that you’re not dead yet? Do your teens flee the room in dismay when you try to use their jargon to prove that you’re still “groovy”? Have you ever been smitten by romance, pulled your wife close to you, and asked her to give you one good reason you should not make passionate love to her at that very moment, only to have her remind you that you are standing in the grocery aisle? Dave Meurer has been through it all. And he’s got a tale or two (fifty, actually, in Mistake It Like a Man ) that will shed some light, albeit fluorescent, on all kinds of common manly experiences.

Multnomah (2006)
ISBN: 1590527445

The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys

"God designed parenthood to be an enormous character-building exercise," says frazzled dad Dave Meurer. In The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys, he explores the meaningful reflections (a.k.a. the laugh-out-loud occurrences and been-there-done-that moments) that only dads can truly understand. From the seemingly impossible task of imparting moral guidance to getting boys to take their cold medicine, this insightful book brings out the humor in the practical challenges of raising sons. Yes, bringing up boys is a monumental, multiyear battle--and that's just trying to get them to eat their vegetables! But with Dave Meurer's help, readers will learn to value each moment with a little style, humor, and grace.

Previously Published as Boyhood Daze

Spire (2006)
ISBN: 0800787293

You Can Childproof Your Home, but They'll Still Get In

Parenting is not for wimps.

In fact, it's a miracle that anyone can raise a kid and stay sane at the same time. And every parent knows that sometimes you just have to wing it.

Dave Meurer says he's no parenting professional. But he is a dad. And he's sure that you'll find some helpful tips in his observations, reflections, and ruminations on fatherhood-not to mention his accounts of inane outbursts, incredulous questions, and stunned exclamations. With hilarious insight, Dave reflects on the things that drive parents crazy and the things that make the adventure worth the ride.

Previously published as Stark Raving Dad

Spire (2005)
ISBN: 0800787277

If You Want Breakfast in Bed

This book offers a laugh-a-minute look at marriage. Husbands and wives cannot help but see themselves because the topics--communication, sex, shopping, childbirth, mammograms, prostate exams--are all common to life and are better laughed at than cried over. The author is an award-winning humor writer who sees laughter as a gift form God.

Cook Communications (2005)
ISBN: 0781441544

Good Spousekeeping

This laugh-a-minute book is about married life. Some really serious topics are included - finances, keeping romance alive - but the mirthful approach to the subject matter is refreshing! Meurer's writing is hilarious, and manages to stay funny throughout the book without "spouse bashing"! In fact, both husband and wife will come away with a little more appreciation of their differences.

Cook Communications (2004)
ISBN: 078144134X

Stark Raving Dad

Sometimes sanity is a learned skill! If you're striving to be a "fairly functional father"---or love somebody who is---here's help. Blending "Dave Barry" wit with Christian worldview wisdom, Meurer's hilarious "parenting isn't for wimps" guide offers a delightful mix of laugh aloud anecdotes and profound points to ponder.

Bethany House (2002)
ISBN: 0764225456


Out on a Whim

If laughter is the best medicine, Meurer gives you a double dose! From prayer and menopause to gender-specific language and food fights, his zany observations will make you laugh until your sides ache---and teach you profound truths about marriage, family, culture, God, and "flammable household appliances."

Bethany House (2001)
ISBN: 0764225456

Boyhood Daze

As the father of two boys and was, according to rumor, once a boy himself. Raised as the third of his parents' five kids, Dave got an early taste of family. Now his childhood experiences and his time as the father of two teenage boys have been written in his outrageously funny book, Boyhood Daze. Less a parenting guide--of which he feels there are too many-- than an industrial sized dose of laughter, Boyhood Daze is for all harried parents who need to know they are not alone as they tackle the enormous task of raising boys.

Bethany House (1999)
ISBN: 1556612095