About Dave







Dave Meurer is an award-winning author and writer whose material has been inflicted upon millions of innocent and unsuspecting readers.

Dave's series of books are somewhat useful guides to marriage, family, culture, God, and flammable household appliances. They go after your funny bone while simultaneously making insightful points about the Christian faith.

Besides being a writer, Dave Meurer is also a husband and the father of two boys, and it’s from these experiences that Meurer mines the comic gold of The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys, Daze of Our Wives, Out on a Whim, Stark Raving Dad, and Mistake It Like a Man.

For more than two decades Dave worked for a senior member of the United States Congress.  You should be alarmed by this fact.  Allowing a humor writer to have even a smidge of responsibility is akin to handing your car keys to a seven year old.  Nevertheless, the nation survived.

Dave earned a dual degree in Political Science and Information and Communication Studies, which is a fancy way of saying he was bad at math. 

Dave's humor columns and other articles have been featured in major magazines

 like Focus on the Family, HomeLife , In Touch, and Marriage Partnership.  For many years he was the "humor writer in residence" at New Man Magazine .  Dave has won numerous writing awards and honors from prominent organizations with questionable editorial judgment.

Although a truly funny guy, Dave's mirthful material and wry observations spring from a place of pain.  There are deep scars from an abusive childhood.  But there is also substantial healing from the grace of God and enormously helpful fellow Christians.    



Would you like to invite Dave Meurer to your retreat, convention, special event, wedding, or small regional conflict involving NATO?

Dave does a limited number of speaking engagements each year, typically to church groups that have dramatically lowered their standards. If you would like a speaker who is waaaay too immature for the deacon board, but who has a stron "marriage and family" message hiding underall that merriment, Dave might be your guy.

You can email Dave at awethor@att.net